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Featured Projects

Marina Park Sail Buildings (Spinnaker and Genoa) - Comox, BC

We partnered with the Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited to complete the Marina Park Sail Buildings on the beautiful Vancouver Island in Comox, BC. We completed the electrical and mechanical design and construction supervision of the unique twin sail buildings.

These stunning waterside buildings in Marina Park each gave a capacity of 32 persons with indoor kitchen, washrooms, and space for outdoor events under the covered canopy. Specialty lighting and unique controls were particularly important for these multi-use indoor/outdoor facilities.



Marina Park Sail Buildings images provided by Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited. 


Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre - Duncan, BC

We partnered with the Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited to complete this new visitor centre in the Cowichan Valley is located adjacent to the BC Forest Discovery Centre is located at Drinkwater Road & the TransCanada Highway. The centre features an increased sense of cultural importance with a locally inspired and created retail section and nine informative Cowichan interpretive displays.

It was developed as a joint venture between the BC Forest Discovery Centre, the Chambers of Commerce of the Cowichan Valley, and by the Municipalities of Duncan and North Cowichan. It is described by locals as a "public living room" and is an essential stop for visitors to the region.

Engineering Highlights

Energy Efficient Heating

Solar heat is used to heat the building through radiant in floor heat. Sunlight from south facing windows warm pipes embedded in the concrete flooring - and the pipes circulate liquid to move solar heat throughout the building. Radiant heating allows occupants to be comfortable at a reduced ambient temperature.


Natural Ventilation System

The ventilation system takes advantage of natural convection rather than mechanical systems to move fresh air through the building. Carbon dioxide sensors can detect increased occupancy and open ventilation louvres at the building base and in the high ceiling areas.


Water Conservation

Rainwater collected from the roof is captured in cisterns for use in irrigation and for flushing toilets. Site design takes advantage of natural drainage patterns and builds on existing wetlands. 




Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre images provided by Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited.